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What is a high speed oven? Well, it’s a device that can cook a frozen pizza in 2 minutes, a filet of salmon in one minute and a half, a panino in 45 second and a lasagna in less than 3 minutes. Is it magic? Well, of course not, it’s a combination of old and new technologies that can be used to master superb results in a wide variety of situations.

But it needs the touch of a professional.

And that is why we chose to invite local chefs on the 23rd February to demonstrate the power of this fantastic kitchen tool, the ORACLE oven. Our expert from Lainox, Lorenzo Possamai visited Malta purposely to host a dedicated workshop in collaboration with our resident trainer in Malta, Kurt Mifsud from MCA. This demo was held in the fully equipped kitchen at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy in Naxxar.

Mince is such a versatile ingredient used in so many different recipes and genres of food.

Grinding or mincing the meat gives enhanced tenderness in the meat and also allows you as a chef to distribute the flavours uniformly throughout the meats more easily and you can use a mould to make uniform shapes out of the meat.

Therefore the meat mincer or meat grinder is an essential item in a commercial butcher shop as well as in more advanced commercial kitchens where the shop would like to own the process and choose the specific cuts he or she wants in their dishes.


After the Definitive(ly) Good Guide Awards held last month, we had a sit down with Jean Pierre Dingli-Attard,  the winner of the Best Chef Award that was sponsored by Pentole Agnelli in collaboration with The Catering Centre as their exclusive local agents.


How did you start off as a chef?

Growing up I always loved to cook and from a very young age (as young as 6) I’ve wanted to become a chef. When I finished secondary school I attended ITS (Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta) where I finished my four year diploma in culinary arts.

During my time at ITS I worked in a few local restaurants as a student and after graduating I left for Italy for 6 months work experience in a 2 Michelin restaurant. This is where my passion got cultivated and where I started to explore the art within cheffing. I also owe most of my knowledge and work ethic to this experience. After that, I worked in London for a little over a year and then in Malta for another 8 years. Each kitchen I worked in inspired me and gave me new ideas and knowledge and ultimately, a drive to open my own restaurant to be able to explore my own creativity more freely.

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and you may be thinking of cooking up a storm to entice your special someone one and win his or her love.

We have prepared a homely, yet delicious recipe, compliments of the chefs at the Mediterranean  Culinary Academy, that will whet your and your loved one’s taste buds…..


Cooked in our Papillote Steamer, fish will have the place of honour at your table – whatever the occasion. Perfect cooking for a tender result full of flavour and an elegant presentation.

And as an added bonus: a clean (and odour-free) oven!

 The Papillote steamer allows you to cook all types of fish simply and easily!

Thanks to our HR ceramic, the fish is cooked gently and evenly.

The lid keeps in any fishy smells and creates a confined environment for steam cooking. Cooked whole or in portions, your fish will remain soft and tender, without adding any fat.Simply place your fish in the middle of the dish, add some vegetables and seasoning, close the lid and put in a hot oven!

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