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Menu Trends for Autumn 2023

Autumn is a popular time of the year with so many people. After the scorching heat of summer in Malta, the cooler temperatures come as a welcome relief. The temperatures are still quite high and even the sea is still warm enough for a regular dip if that takes your fancy.

After the summer madness, it is also the time to take a look around your restaurant, and make a plan for the coming months. Your menu should evolve, balancing popularity with profitability, allowing space for favourites and also innovations. Autumn means new seasonal produce is now available and you may wish to adapt your menu to make the best out of these new goodies on the market. This makes sense economically, as seasonal produce tends to be more cost-effective, giving a better profitability. At the same time, refreshing and re-energising your menu is a new opportunity to delight your guests, giving your regular clients a new reason to visit and can also possibly attracting new clients.

Beyond every limit


The professional oven for your restaurant. Find out how to grill, fry, roast and steam cook with the Naboo professional range of ovens, suitable for all requirements.



To create Naboo Boosted, we have put together all our experience and all our knowledge to create the best Combi ever at Lainox. We have surpassed our limits in speed, efficiency, intelligence, robustness, connectivity, size, flexibility and power. We stopped thinking about obstacles and concentrated on the goals we wanted to achieve.

Is a stainless steel or aluminum pan better? And which pan is more suitable for the oven and which for induction? The materials and cooking methods you use in the kitchen are essential for the success of your dishes. For example, did you know that Agnelli's aluminum pans are light, easy to handle and resistant and adapt to different cooking techniques?

Many professional kitchens rely on electric blenders to help them in their prep work as this saves so much time and energy!



With the system of Roll-In and Pass-Through, safe refrigeration is combined with the practicality of the stainless steel trolley so that trays and serving dishes can be easily transported: a single front in the Roll-In model; push trolley through the Pass-Through model.

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