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Roaster manufacture a large product line of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, such as exhaust hoods, charcoal ovens, wood/gas pizza ovens, charcoal rotisseries, and grills, and these top quality products are now available in Malta.

Roaster Charcoal Oven

Roasters 2 ROC INOX FRONT Charocoal ovensmall

The Roaster charcoal oven is a combination of a professional open grill and an oven. It is being used by the top chefs around the world, as it gives a unique flavour to all kinds of food, while increasing kitchen productivity. It is the perfect commercial grilling equipment for all food-service establishments like traditional restaurants, tavernas, hotels, bistro-cafes etc. You can cook meat, fish, chicken, burgers, steaks, appetizers etc at the same time and this oven is 35% faster than a traditional open grill.


SPEED: It is faster than an open grill.

QUALITY: Unique flavour, texture, and juiciness to all kinds of food. Perfectly roasted and grilled food.

ECONOMY: It is a combination of an open grill and a closed oven. The integrated double vent system for the regulation of air flow leads to a lower charcoal consumption.

CONVENIENCE: Designed to be functional; the easily removable grill racks and the soft closing door as well as the ash collector drawer and the grease collector pan are only some of the characteristics that make it easy to use and clean.

SAFETY: It protects the chef from being exposed to constant heat. The especially designed fire braker hat reduces the risk of fire.


Chicken Rotisserie

Roasters 2 CWF12 FRONT Rotisserie small

This is a closed type of rotisserie that guarantees the perfect roasting result of chickens and all kinds of meat and fish.

Inspired by the traditional Greek culinary techniques of spit-roasting and the French medieval tradition of chicken rotisserie, it has been designed and created in accordance with modern kitchen requirements.

The sophisticated planetary spinning system contributes both to uniformity and to the speed of roasting.

This robust machine, made with high quality stainless steel, works both with wood and charcoal which can be easily loaded in a back cabin through a lateral door. The firebrick coating of the cabin and the refractory glass door allow for continuous inspection of the roasting process while assuring heat containment and efficiency.

The ash collector drawer in the back cabin and the grease collector tray with the evacuation tap facilitate the cleaning of the rotisserie.

Choose between the small or the big model and get ready to live the absolute roasting experience.

Parrilla Grill

Roasters Parilla Grill 4 GP95DC DOWN small 

This is an open grill made from stainless steel available in two versions, countertop and with a cabinet.

Roaster Parilla boasts an ergonomic design that has been well-thought and built to offer some incredible practicalities.

The integrated elevating system enables the chef to easily adjust the height of the grill racks and obtain the desired temperature throughout the various grilling levels, and the ash collector drawer facilitates cleaning after every use.

Roaster Parilla is a piece of equipment every professional kitchen should possess.


Robata Grill

Roasters Robata Grill 5a

“Fireside-cooking” is the meaning of robatayaki often shortened to robata in Japanese cuisine, and it refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue, in which items of food are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal.

The Roaster Robata is designed to offer various levels of grilling combining the Greek and Japanese tradition as the food offered consists of a combination of morsels of seafood and vegetables, but other kinds of food are also suitable for grilling on the Robata, such as Greek “souvlaki”.

While the setup varies, a common arrangement has the grill in a central position around which the customers are seated.

Roasters Robata Grill 5 ROBATA small


Churrasco Rotisserie

Roasters Churrasco Grill 6 K6S FRONT small

Inspired by the Greek “souvlaki” on charcoal grills and the Hispanic “churrasco”, Roaster has created a modern appliance which combines both traditions.

Roaster churrasco grill boasts a skewer rotating system over the embers which assures the perfect roast. The skewers can be combined or replaced with grill grates according to the kind of food you choose to cook.

Choose between the countertop and the cabinet model. Choose your Roaster and fire your grilling passion.

Roasters Robata Grill 5a



Roaster manufactures a large product line of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, such as exhaust hoods, charcoal ovens, wood/gas pizza ovens, charcoal rotisseries, and grills.


Roaster believes in continuous improvement. Their engineers are constantly developing and redesigning products so that they can respond to customers’ changing needs, striving to construct products that are more efficient, easier to install and maintain, and products that meet the highest standards.



Roaster is exclusively available at the Catering Centre.

We offer consulting services regarding exhaust hood and ventilation systems installation and the space disposal of professional equipment in commercial kitchens. Speak to us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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