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Did you know that olive oil ice cream made with Pacojet is really versatile, as you can flavour it in so many ways?

Here's an example. Below we've included a recipe by chef Matteo Ciarimboli, for making ironed prawns served with ice cream whisked with olive oil.





For the ironed prawns:

Peel the prawns and place them on two sheets of heat-resistant baking film – one on top and one underneath; grease with oil, flatten with a meat tenderiser and place in the fridge.

When it's time to serve, pass a hot iron over the baking film for a few seconds, remove the baking film from the top, and garnish with sea salt flakes and a sprinkling of aromatic herbs.

For the olive oil ice cream:

Take 100 g of prawn heads, vacuum-pack them in a cooking bag with 80g of mild extra-virgin olive oil and let them simmer in water at 85°C for 20 minutes, then blast chill.

Prepare a roux with

  • 500g of milk,
  • 10g of dextrose,
  • 30 g of granulated sugar and
  • 2 egg whites,

Pasteurise at 85°C and add 2g of neutral ice-cream mix, Finally, add the filtered oil from the vacuum-pack. Blast freeze at -18°C in a Pacojet beaker.

Pacotise when ready to serve!!



Over to you. Which creations do you use your Pacojet for?

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