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Plastic drinkware provides a great alternative to Glassware. Health and safety is always a concern, and accidents with glass is a particular one that can be avoidable. Utopia has focused on providing a safer option, without compromising on style.

Lucent plastic

Produced using the highest quality polycarbonate Lucent provides a crystal clear finish rivalling glassware. Virtually unbreakable, this range adds class and safety all at once. If premium polycarbonate is what you need, Lucent has you covered.

Polycarbonates 3

The practicality of polycarbonate reaches new heights with the stunning Ascot flute. A beautiful addition to indoor & outside events.

Polycarbonates 4

Perfect for the classic touch, this Martini glass gives texture and shape to the serve whilst being ultra clear, safe and durable.

Polycarbonates 5

Beautifully simple profiles only serve to enhance the clarity of the Osborne wine glasses.

Polycarbonates 6

Cocktail glasses have never been more practical. Eden is super stylish and virtually unbreakable.

Polycarbonates 7

Two further additions to the Lucent Cocktail collection bring extra versatility to this virtually unbreakable range.

Polycarbonates 2

Polycarbonates 10  Polycarbonates 10

Polycarbonates 11


Utopia is exclusively available at The Catering Centre.

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