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Churchill Asian Inspiration

Adventurous Diners

Churchill Asian Fusions Adventurous diners
While there has been little or no travel in the past two years, diners have still explored with their taste buds and the cuisines of South East Asia are still the largest and fastest growing food trends in the international restaurant industry. With our increasingly multicultural societies, traditional recipes from across the world are brought back to the hospitality industry and diverse dishes from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam are growing in popularity.







Creative Cuisines & Tableware Variety 

Churchill Asian Fusions Creative cuisines Tableware

Traditional recipes and innovative fusions are often served up as small plates designed to be shared. Sharing a variety of dishes makes diners braver and more likely to try new flavours and cuisines while also being the perfect opportunity to create interesting mix and match tableware combinations. The eye catching and reactive glaze effects of Studio Prints on innovative shapes are ideal restaurant plates for serving dishes like sushi, gyoza and more.






Noodles & Bowl Foods

Churchill Asian Fusions Noodles Bowl Foods

With the rise of Asian Fusions, the term ‘bowl food’ is now commonplace, with bowls being the choice vessel for staple favourites like ramen, bibimbap and pho . New collections Nourish and Emerge offer the perfect solution for noodle bowls. The artisan effect glaze adds a new dimension to food presentation, while maintaining all the performance attributes required for the rigours of a professional kitchen.





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